Structure & operating principle
Shapes of the HP
Heat Pipe Heat Sink (1)
Heat Pipe Heat Sink (2)
HPHX for heat recovery
HPHX for cooling enclosure
Flat plate HP
HPHS Cooling device
Liquid cold plate
Heat sink
Drawings of HS & HPHS


1. Bonding Type
2. Brazing Type

The liquid cold plate is a device that removes the heat from various electric elements attached on it by installing fluid passage inside the aluminum block. Two different types of the cooling block are produced: one is the bonding type and the other is the brazing type. In the bonding type, the copper tube is embedded in the block. To reduce thermal contact resistance between the tube and the block, high thermal conductivity adhesive is used. In the brazing type, the vacuum brazing is used to seal the block with the cover plate. Many electric elements can be placed along the fluid passage.


Cooling power control device for electric automobile,
Cooling amplifiers for telecommunication system, etc.