Structure & operating principle
Shapes of the HP
Heat Pipe Heat Sink (1)
Heat Pipe Heat Sink (2)
HPHX for heat recovery
HPHX for cooling enclosure
Flat plate HP
HPHS Cooling device
Liquid cold plate
Heat sink
Drawings of HS & HPHS


1. Brazed heat sink
2. Pressed fin heat sink
3. Pin fin heat sink
4. Folded fin heat sink

The heat sink is the most popular cooling device for semiconductor elements, power semiconductors and other electric elements with low cost. It is capable of transferring a large amount of heat from the elements to fins by heat conduction, and dissipating the heat to the surrounding air by natural and forced convection.

Various types of heat sinks produced by Daehong Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Installation methods of expanded surface (fin): extruded type, pressed fin type, brazed type, folded fin type, pin fin type
Cooling methods: natural convection type, forced convection type

Production requirements:

1. Pitch: 3 to 16 mm (Standard 3, 4, 6, 8 mm)
2. Height: maximum 200 mm
3. Base width: maximum 450 mm
Fin pitch, height and base width can be changed according to
  customer's requirements