Structure & operating principle
Shapes of the HP
Heat Pipe Heat Sink (1)
Heat Pipe Heat Sink (2)
HPHX for heat recovery
HPHX for cooling enclosure
Flat plate HP
HPHS Cooling device
Liquid cold plate
Heat sink
Drawings of HS & HPHS


The heat pipe heat exchanger is used for the air pre-heater or the economizer to recover the waste heat from the exhaust hot gas or the hot water. Compact and space-saving construction can be achieved. It is easy to attach fins to the heat pipe, so that it gives high thermal efficiency by the highly expanded heat transfer surface area.


- High thermal efficiency with cross-flow-type heat exchanger
- Minimal volume, weight and pressure drop
- Easy maintenance due to the long term reliability
- No power in operation heat pipe
- Easy adoption of short duct using a loop thermosyphon