Structure & operating principle
Shapes of the HP
Heat Pipe Heat Sink (1)
Heat Pipe Heat Sink (2)
HPHX for heat recovery
HPHX for cooling enclosure
Flat plate HP
HPHS Cooling device
Liquid cold plate
Heat sink
Drawings of HS & HPHS


1. Structure of cooling device for telecommunication out-door
2. Heat pipe heat exchanger for cooling enclosure
3. Performance test result

The heat pipe heat exchanger is a cooling device for an enclosure such as WLL, a base station of PCS mobile telecommunication system. It can reject several hundreds watts of the heat generated from inside of an enclosure to out side even at the small temperature difference. The suitable structure and the size of the heat exchanger can be designed according to the conditions of installation environments and heat load.


Cooling mobile telecommunication system. Optical CATV system. Various control box. Control and operation board of CNC machine tool, Control panel instrument case, Cooling enclosure of signal control panel