Structure & operating principle
Shapes of the HP
Heat Pipe Heat Sink (1)
Heat Pipe Heat Sink (2)
HPHX for heat recovery
HPHX for cooling enclosure
Flat plate HP
HPHS Cooling device
Liquid cold plate
Heat sink
Drawings of HS & HPHS


1. Cooling device for thermo-electric module using heat pipe
2. Cooling device for amplifier using heat pipe

The cooling device for semiconductor is cooling small semiconductor elements having relatively small heat load, such as thermoelectric module, amplifier, CPU, etc. Several elements can be placed on the surface of the heat block for cooling. It transfers a large amount of heat from electric elements mounted on the heat block to fins attached at the heat pipe condensers and dissipates the heat to its surroundings by natural and forced convection heat transfer.


compact size, compact and multiple packaging of electric elements, easy isolation of electric elements from the radiating section. cooling high-heat flux of electric elements